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The Natural Building Engineering Group (NBEG)

NBEG is a collection of individuals committed to advancing the field of natural building engineering in Canada. Our goal is to support the larger natural building movement by increasing the quality and efficiency of engineering services, improving the process by which natural building are approved under the Building Code, and promoting continued research into natural building systems and materials.

Natural building is a range of building systems and materials which emphasize environmental sustainability, particularly the use of locally available low-processed renewable materials. Natural building methods include timber frame, straw bale, straw-clay, rammed earth, adobe, natural plasters and finishes, and stone masonry.

NBEG is currently seeking to involve other like-minded students and professionals. If you would like more info please email info@nbeg.org or contact one of the members directly.

[2013-04-16] ‘N’beg ‘n’ borrow all day content blaster

Toronto – Ten engineers from all over Ontario met today with a shared vision to combine their knowledge and experience in natural building design. The full day of working sessions produced a long list of knowledge gaps, answers to frequently asked questions and discussions of approximate methods of analysis for alternative materials. Much of the content developed today is now available here on the website.

In this field, building codes and design standards are severely lacking, often leaving builders, homeowners, architects and engineers in the dark. Although the group has been around for about four years, this is our first major push to consolidate our knowledge base and an exciting step forward. Thanks to Blackwell Structural Engineers for hosting us!